Spray – Clean – Shine – Protect

Different Applications & Easy to Use Instructions

1. Waterless Detailer & Protectant

Simply spray enough product to loosen dirt, wipe large area in one direction with microfiber towel to dry - if needed buff area until completely dry (Over The TOP lifts dirt while laying down a soft polymer layer of protection to prevent scratching). Follow same directions for entire vehicle surface including windows and interior areas, use a terry cloth towel when cleaning wheels & wheel wells / rocker panels where tar or grease could be present. Over The TOP is the only product that will condition wheel wells preventing dirt from sticking and keep your wheels cleaner much longer again preventing dirt and brake dust from sticking to wheels simplifying the maintenance scope.
This application is a powerful One-Step cleaning & protection that just changed your vehicle maintenance into a much simpler less time consuming program. You will notice fall out & over spray will not stick to finish and water spots / bird droppings are removed effortlessly where in the past these were troublesome expensive issues to fix.

***For finishes that need more attention see #5 for "Clay Glide" instruction - Clay will clean all the rough painted areas including removing fall out, over spray & water spots so Over The TOP can GRAB onto clear coat. If your surface is rough this is the only thing preventing Over The TOP from doing its job of protecting your most prized possession. The Clay Glide application is a powerful one step cleaning & protection that impresses even the harshest critic***

2. Low Foaming "Water Based"

light to no rinsing Vehicle Treatment for Bucket or Driveway Washers (Very IMPORTANT to remember foam does nothing so don't be fooled by excess foam, if you doubt this fact for any reason wait until you see the finished product which will provide plenty of proof to back up our product) For Heavily Soiled vehicles or the consumer that prefers a bucket wash - pour 4 ounces in wash bucket (Over The TOP Detailer & Protectant / Warm water will help products performance) with 1 gallon of city water. Mitt vehicle from top to bottom, VERY light water rinse or go straight to chamois dry - first wipe from chamois picks up water / 2nd wipe dries vehicle perfectly including windows. Rinse chamois to keep clean when needed . Koji's Over The TOP is recommended for touch ups, windows, all exterior and interior detailing. Your vehicle will have a perfect shine and distinctive feel that only Over The TOP provides. For an additional layer of protection see Pre-Mist instructions #3 - trust us here this has a funny look at first but because Over The TOP is "Water Based" it spreads over entire surface to again provide the extra protection we all desire with very minimal effort (you won't believe these results).

3. Pre-Mist for extra Protection

For short on time Car Washers, spray vehicle down prior to running through a normal automated wash system (20-25 sprays per side of vehicle including tops) - Vehicle will have an "Exterior Detailed" condition after the normal full service or express car wash program. This spray down can also be used prior to your driveway wash, it's not pretty initially but it FLAT OUT WORKS - Wait until you see the finished product. Just an FYI on products POWER, the car wash personnel will notice the feel and ask you what's on your finish because it's distinctive and clearly a step up from the products they put on your vehicle.

4. Interior Cleaning, Detailing & Protection

Simply spray Over The TOP and wipe dry with microfiber or terry cloth towel (Koji's Synthetic Chamois can also be an efficient tool for this application). Our product conditions plastic, vinyl and leather with the one step cleaning without leaving that too much gloss look that turns people off. For heavily soiled areas including seats, vinyl and leather Koji's Magic Sponge will pull out even the toughest stains - Available on our Products Page.

5. Clay Glide Surface Preparation for Over The TOP

Make sure you clean vehicle first with Over The TOP to remove as much dirt as possible. Clay is for your painted surfaces only and should not be used to remove tar or grease since these will be hard to remove from clay bar. Claying should only be needed on tops and top areas of fenders / doors where fall out and over spray will attach. Spray enough product on section of vehicle to be clayed, make sure Clay Bar is wet and clean before rubbing on painted area - put pressure on clay rubbing in the same direction of wet surface until surface becomes smooth to touch. Clay one section of vehicle at a time making sure you receive desired results, if for any reason you have complications call our Hot line for us to connect with a local Professional to solve. Make sure clay is clean before tackling the next section of vehicle, follow same previous step for only areas where fall out, over spray and water spots exist - Clay Bars are available on our products page.

6. Window Cleaner

Spray a light amount of Over The TOP on glass, wipe window cutting edges where dirt builds and buff dry putting pressure on glass. A clean dry microfiber or window towel (surgical) is recommended for best results. Any film on glass can be easily buffed off - Windows are temperamental so remember to use a clean dry towel and very little Over The TOP. Our Pro's tell us that Over The TOP outperforms Rain X so try this amazing application for yourself.

7. Chrome Cleaning

Spray Over The TOP and wipe dry, buff to an incredible shine and feel.

8. Household Cleaning

Spray and wipe on all hard surfaces including appliances, counter tops, plastic and wood. Painted surfaces are cleaned effortlessly also in one easy step.

9. Mop Bucket Solution and Tile Grout Cleaner & Conditioner

Pour 4 ounces from Over The TOP bottle into mop bucket, add one gallon of regular WARM tap water - Mop tile and wood like you normally do. Floors will dry fast and shine perfectly, Over The TOP will clean and condition grout. If necessary for dirty grout areas - Spray and wipe or rush, towel dry and follow up with spraying more Over The TOP to condition grout preventing dirt from sticking.

10. Shower Door Hard Water Prevention

Clean water spots off shower doors with your normal cleaner, spray a generous amount of Over The TOP all over doors making sure to cover complete area - Wipe dry or allow to dry without any rinse off. Continued Treatment is recommended weekly to condition doors and prevent hard water spots from grabbing on.

11. Leather and Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner

Spray a generous amount of product on desired area your cleaning, wipe dry - Spray more product on heavily soiled areas and let site for a couple minutes before drying with a towel. For extra stubborn stains Koji's Magic Sponge is recommended to PULL tough stains out of Leather & Vinyl. Koji's Magic Sponge is available on our Products page.

12. Carpet Cleaner

Spray and wipe dirty area, brush with soft carpet brush if necessary. Over The TOP can be added to your carpet cleaner (2 to 3 ounces from bottle) to clean and refresh all carpet areas.

13. Heavy Stain Remover (ink & dye)

Spray and wipe area needed, agitate area if necessary to loosen and towel dry or use Koji's Magic Sponge to simplify this application.

14. Specialty Products Cleaner

Sunglasses, computers and all other tough to clean items are TRULY simplified with one spray and microfiber wipe of Over The TOP. Over The TOP is safe on all hard surfaces and plastics, also safe to human skin and 100% Biodegradable. Lawn furniture and painted hard surfaces are a breeze. Our feedback tells us Over The TOP cleans guns and saddles conditioning in One Effortless Step or application.

15. Extreme Conditions (Hot Weather)

Over The TOP is the only product that can be used in Extreme conditions (direct sunlight up to 120 degrees) and performs incredibly in these conditions due to Polymer being heated up laying down a thicker coat of protection on vehicle.
**One Step Spray Detail is a Pre Mist of entire vehicle prior to a tunnel car wash or consumers everyday bucket wash which will provide an "Exterior Detail"** ***Koji's Over The TOP Detailer & Protectant experiences new Cleaning Discoveries each week, Please continue to check our site as we add applications regularly*** Send questions to dtrippy@buyoverthetop.com