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People who use this product, swear by it!

I really love Koji’s Over The TOP Detailer & Protectant Solution. I keep one bottle in the kitchen, one in the master bedroom and one in the garage. To me it seems like a cleaner and protectant all in one. I used to use another polish and loved it, but they could not sell it in California due to environmental issues. It was expensive also. This has replaced it. I first saw how well it cleaned and protected my cars when my car was cleaned and detailed with it. My car has never been shinier and smoother. It was put on the paint, glass, and the interior. My car was detailed some time ago and it still looks great! I continually use it on my front windshield. Now, for in the house. I use it on my mirrors and windows. It is easy to do as it seems to wash and protect at the same time and things seems to stay clean longer and the windows look shiny too. It seems not to streak also. I used it on my leather purse that my kid kept putting her dirty feet on in the car and it looks great. Not too shiny or greasy--just clean. I definitively recommend this product to everybody!!!
– Kathy
I have been in the Professional Auto Detail industry for 10 years now. Several products have come and gone over the years. I got introduced to "Over The TOP" about 3 years ago. The cleaning capabilities of this product are astounding. I have gone from using several different products ie, soaps, finishing sprays, window cleaner, etc. to just using this one product. It has allowed me to cut supply costs to a minimal expense. It leaves everything clean, with an incredible shine.
– David Haskin. President Aqua Royale Inc. Las Vegas, NV
I finished detailing my boat this afternoon so I gave it a spray and it came out really, really nice. Dallas I'm going to tell you something that you're not going to believe but as soon as I finished with everything and was putting stuff away some guy I had never met before was driving a new Corvette down my street, stopped got out and was amazed at how good my boat looked. He stayed and talked to me for at least a half hour and just kept on saying how nice the boat looked. He was just really a cool guy and started salivating when I offered to take him for a cruise next week.

If this keeps the boat looking as good as it did today we're going to have to figure a pricing structure for wholesale because the boating market will eat this up!
– Thank you,
Ben Rudder. Auto Strap Transport LLC. Yucaipa, Ca 77356
Over the Top has helped save me $6 per Complete Detail in supply costs not to mention we can do the work in less time since we don't have to change bottles constantly. This 1 bottle streamlines expense costs allowing us to make more $ off every job - when doing our washes the customers recognize a better look & feel not to mention their vehicles stay cleaner longer. If I was a big company selling numerous products I would be scared to death of Over the Top because of its many uses and effectiveness on everything including household cleaning!

The product flat out works on everything! What a huge asset Over the Top is to Shine N Show Detailing. Over the Top will some day be in everybody's garage as their go to product because it's the best product we've ever used.

Thanks Again for providing a Detailing Solution that really works!

– Brian Glover. Shine N Show. Dallas, TX
I work in the oil field where are trucks get hammered day in and day out and it's nice to finally have a product that really works on my black truck.
My black truck looks so good after I wash it both my friend and myself cant believe the quick detailed finished product. Both of us agree that each time we use “Over The TOP” the work gets easier and our vehicles stay cleaner much longer than before - This bottle appears to be the PERFECT vehicle Maintenance Tool for car lovers and people who are sick of having to use so many different cleaners that basically all do the same thing - kind of clean.

“Over The TOP” worked great on the wheels, windows plus interior where I take great pride in keeping my truck in clean & maintained shape. Thanks for an incredible discovery and you can count on us being customers for life!

Keep up the GREAT WORK!
– Gary von-Stomm. Salt Lake City, UT
I've been a detailer for many years, when I first tried Over The TOP I had the normal doubts that 1 product could do all that. Well not only does it do what it's supposed to do it believe it or not it does it MUCH MORE AND THE RESULTS ARE BETTER. I come from a large family of car lovers for over 50 years which is why I got into the detailing business, for the first time we feel there is a product that we can stand behind. As normal car lovers we've spent a pretty $ on numerous different waxes that all do the same thing, they break down the clear coat base/protection on your vehicle - My entire family always wondered why their vehicles only looked good for a week or two after they waxed it plus they didn't understand why the tops of their vehicles were always turning white. When they spoke with professionals they were informed the clear coat has been diminished due to the chemicals they've been using on their vehicles.

With “Over The TOP” the incredible technology is finally here so we can keep our clear coats protected plus save lots of $ not needing products that don't stand to the “Over The TOP” performance. Also the name “Over The TOP” could not be more appropriate because the SHINE is better than any wax we've every used, I'm a customer for life as is my family of car lovers that can't believe the results and protection we're receiving.

What's also incredible about “Over The TOP” is our vehicles stay cleaner 3 to 4 times longer and future cleaning is simplified after each application of “Over The TOP”!!!
– Edward Rodgers. Georgia Mobile Detail
“Over The TOP” is the only product I will every use on my personal vehicles, the results are better than all the products I've tried and since I'm currently a car wash manager the sales guys from the big companies have thrown everything at me to consider for the 3 car washes I manage. Living on the East Coast the salt and snow is always a maintenance problem but I'm here to tell you not anymore, with “Over The TOP on the vehicle those stubborn problems are a thing of the past. The salt and snow clumps or turds as we call them just melt off the vehicle making “Over The TOP” an incredible "Maintenance Tool" for everybody. This product will be in everybody's garage real soon, imagine throwing away 7 or 8 bottles replacing all with 1 bottle of “Over The TOP” that really works better than all those products!

My Detailers have confirmed the shine is better and there work performance has improved by over 50% allowing them to complete more jobs and spend more time with our customers.
They love the fact somebody somewhere figured out a way to save time and EFFORT for their jobs!
– Colby Brandt. Syracuse, NY
Hello Dallas,
On dealer cars that are on displays outside that all they really need is one pressure wash all around the car and one clean shammy. Also works great to use it like a lube for claying dark color cars .I feel good that a nice coat is left on the cars and customers are happy. Also as a Spray wax works great!!!!! It use to take about 45 minutes to wash & vacuum (Full Job) with one of my workers,Using this new product it takes me by myself with no help 25 minutes. Is that crazy or what!!!! I am still playing with the dosage to use it like a de greaser for very dirty rims and heavy oxidation.
I will keep you posted. Also on windows I am playing with 1 shammy & 1 micro fiber rag.

Best regards,
– Nelson Perez. Magic Hands of South Florida
Dallas, the polymer product that you gave me, I used with notable success. I them gave the rest to the collision repair shop next door and asked for feed back.... They loved it. it actually cut down final release prep time by 2/3's as well the ease of use. I would like to share it with one other place and then see if I can obtain some sort of professional endorsement.... What do you think?
– Michael Clerici

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– Howard Kominsky - Vice President of Finance, Sports Chalet